fruit trees in raised beds?

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)October 31, 2011

Yes I know that raised beds are container gardening; however since my question IS about growing fruit trees, I figured this would be the best forum to post this thread.

I'd like to grow dwarf fruit trees in raised beds. Is this possible? If so, how big would the raised bed need to be (with length, width, and depth).

Below are a list of varieties of fruit trees I'd be interested in growing:

*Persimmon (Japanese variety)






*Pomegranate (not sure on this one)



Please note that I don't plan to grow all of these types of fruit trees all at once. Also, if possible I'd like to get self-pollinating varieties of fruit trees. It would just make things simpler.

Most trees according to the sites I've found, they're shipped as 'bare roots'. What does this mean?

Also, typically how old are fruit trees when they're shipped, and how long will it take the tree to bare fruit once it's planted?

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Well, raised beds aren't really container gardening because the plants roots can penetrate into the ground. A container is closed at the bottom. Raised beds are very good if you have poor drainage. You can grow any tree in a raised bed, a lot of people just make a mound instead because it's easier.

A lot of the plants you want should be in containers because of your zone (5a). Citrus, Tropicals, Sub Tropicals will have to be brought inside for the winter.

From your list I would stick with just apple, pear, and peach for raised beds. The other ones need to be containers for your zone.

Bare Root means the tree is dormant (no leaves, no growing), kind of a hibernation period. They are shipped without any soil. It will look like a dead stick with roots at the bottom when you get it.

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I forgot to mention that the purpose of this thread is for future reference. Sorry for not clarifying this in the initial post.

I don't plan to grow fruit trees now; I don't have the money to construct the raised beds, nor do I have the money to purchase the fruit trees.

Ideally, the zones I'd like to grow the fruit trees I listed above is 7, 8, or 9; I'm not sure which I haven't decided yet. However, I do know it would be in a southern area.

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