What can you tell me about growing grapes?

prairiemoon2 z6 MAOctober 20, 2013

I started a grape vine from a seed someone sent me. Wasn't quite sure what kind of grape it was, but I did have germination and grew it on and now it is about 5 years old. The first location it was growing, was not enough sun so I moved it. This was the first year in it's new location and I hadn't seen a grape to this point. I was just thinking that maybe I was just going to get rid of the vine because maybe grapes need two cultivars to cross pollinate or something to make fruit. So today I wasn't looking for grapes, but I had a Morning Glory growing in with the grape vine by volunteer and I was trying to collect seed, when I spotted 3 small green grapes!! Very surprised. So this is the first year it fruited and I tasted one grape and it was pretty sweet for a backyard grape.

So now I'm excited to try harder to get the vine to produce more fruit next year, but not sure what I can do to help it along. Anyone have any experience with grapes?


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Pruning is essential. Grapes bear fruit on the shoots that sprouted the previous year. So in the spring, you want to cut back the old wood, two years old and more, to just a dozen buds or so, that will make new shoots.

It helps a lot to train the vine onto some kind of trellis or fence, so you can sort out the wood.

Search for "pruning grapes" and you should find lots of detailed information.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

You might have a wild grape that needs pollination. Most don't, but you did this from seed. You would be far better off to plant some cuttings from somebody in your area. Grape cuttings just root and grow if you stick them in fertile ground with hope of water!


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Thank you both, I forgot I posted this and just got back to the forum today. Actually, the other day, I noticed there were three grapes on the vine. Not sure why there were only three and not a whole cluster or more? I was so excited. So, it evidently is capable of fruiting. They turned out to be green grapes and they were sweet. Now if I can just do something to help it produce more next year.

I did move it from a small arbor where it wasn't getting enough sun, to an area next to a patio that had a structure above it that it could climb. I'm trying to remember how long ago I moved it. I could have been last year or the year before. So all the branches are either two years old or one year old. The branch going up one leg of the structure looks like a trunk. I was thinking that next year, I should allow for that trunk to be just a trunk and not allow any green stems or branches to sprout along it, so that all the growth is on the top of the structure? I will do a search for grape pruning.


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