Black Oxford Tree

goudreauOctober 9, 2012

Thought I would share; I am seriously starting to fall in love with this variety!

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Do Tell, How old is that tree? Does it bear every year? Is it a good eater (I was thinking cider or cook only). Where is it growing?
Jim (in SE Mich)

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Regrettably, it is not my tree.

I found this tree and many like it, in an orchard I found in north-western Maine.
They are better eating December (hard on the teeth right now) and store really well, but are delicious.
You can get standards and M111 from Fedco. Im planning on borrowing some scion wood and bench grafting some on to more dwarfing rootstock :)

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I am also in South East Michigan.
Also very interested in this tree.
I wonder if anyone else in our area has had any luck.
Looks ever darker than Arkansas Black.

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There was also Arkansas Black a few rows over but it didnt even compare to the beauty and uniqueness of these trees (I didnt care for the taste of the Arkansas either).

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