Newly planted bacon avocado not growing

serkhab(9)October 20, 2012


I planted a small bacon avocado tree which only had a few leaves on it about a month ago and there looks to be little buds where maybe new leaves might grow from but none have sprouted and now there are only about 3 or 4 leaves left. The branches are still green as is the trunk, should i give up on it and remove the tree or wait a few more months to see if it grows? There was a pipe that was broken next to it and the soil was constantly soggy around the tree i fixed that about 3 weeks ago and now i only water when the soil dries out which takes almost 8 days. Any tips would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance to any who reply

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Wait until next June before declaring the tree a failure.

What has happened so far would be typical of a recently planted tree.

How deep are you probing the soil to determine if it has dried out? How deep does this compare to the hole depth you dug to plant the tree?

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S...avocado trees are certainly not the easiest fruit trees to grow. One thing they are very picky about is soil moisture. They love damp soil...but not waterlogged. Save this tree! If you will stick with will be a good tree. It might not take off until next Spring.

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I do not probe it I just wait until the soil at the surface has dried out and then water it deeply. Should I be probing it and to what depth? Thanks again for replying and yeah I will not give up on it especially as I read that the haas avocado tree I planted at the same time, which is doing great, needs this one to bear fruit.

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By just looking at the soil surface, you don't really know if many of the plants roots are in dry soil. I would probe 3 or 4 inches. After you have done this a couple of times, you will get a sense of how fast your soil dries out and will not need to probe every time.

Your nearby Haas has reacted differently. That is the case many times between any two plants.

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L is right on the money!

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I went and bought a probe that also tests for light and ph and one thing I noticed was the ph was about 5. Is that ok or could that be why it is not growing and if not how do I raise the ph?

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prestons_garden(9B SZ 22 HZ 6 SoCal)

I would doubt the pH meter is giving you an accurate reading. 5 seams low unless you have added Elemental Sulphur or something else to lower your pH.
I would guess that your soil will be closer to neutral pH but I have been wrong before.

Avocado trees have a mind of their own, sort of like Citrus trees. You can push the Avocado tree to really take off this time of the year but it does take alot of tinkering to get it right.

If you do not want to deal with it and decide you don't want it, e-mail me and I will pick it up.

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