cherry tree - what are these?

mdchambe(5)October 23, 2012

Hi all!

My family planted a small orchard this year and I'm concerned we may be losing our first tree. This cherry tree is a stark brothers surecrop variety dwarf.

A while back I notice some hard glossy spots on the tree that looked kinda like a hard amber.

Now, it appears that areas have turned black and are soft to the touch. The picture shows one of them, but there are three more on this small tree. The tree is only maybe 3 or 4 feet tall and is less than an inch in diameter.

Any thoughts on what the cause may be and if there is any solution?

Thank you all!

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md...of course I am not sure, but it appears to me this is a simple fungus related issue that possibly developed with a mold-type growth during a cool/damp weather period. You might spray it with an appropriate spray. I think it is really a minor issue.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

"Hard glossy spots" are more likely to be bacterial blight/canker, a common disease of stone fruits.

"Black and soft" means tissue is dying/dead.

You would be wise to obtain an accurate ID before spraying/applying anything. Well, except for dormant sprays.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Those are very likely bacterial cankers. Given the number of cankers I see I am not optimistic for your tree unfortunately. I recommend searching for how you can cut out bacterial cankers - cut back to clean wood on each spot and you may give the tree a chance. I would put something on the cuts to keep them from getting re-infected.


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Thanks for the information everyone. Were disappointed about the diagnosis, but happy to have an answer.

Scott, if I were to try cutting it out, should I go ahead and do it now? I, like, you, am afraid the tree is too small and there won't be enough tree to cit out tut bad, but ill maybe give it a try.

Do people have any suggestions for a disease resistant dwarf size cherry tree as a replacement? I am in central Iowa, zone 5.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

In the realm of dwarfs, some have spoken highly of Carmine Jewel and other USK hybrids. I have several including the Crimson passion, an have yet to fruit. They are a bush cherry on their own root and clonally propagated. I should see something in the next couple years.

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