Frost burned trees?

gregkdcOctober 10, 2013

How normal is it for new trees to forgo dormancy and get frost burned in the process? I planted a hardy kiwi, pomegranate, saijo persimmon and a fig this spring and all were growing well until a frost about a weak ago wiped them out. All of the other trees in my yard were/are turning color and dropping leaves but these guys got fried. How typical is this and are they goners?

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Very typical, and not just for new trees. Anything still showing rapid growth in September in my area (and likely yours) can experience this.

Plus all the plants you mentioned except for the hardy kiwi, originate in warmer climates with longer growing seasons and thus more susceptible to these early frosts.

In terms of survival, foliage burn is pretty minor, but if it got cold enough (say down into the teens) it might have damaged the wood as well. All the plants you mentioned will probably die back to the ground in your zone without protection anyway, at least when young... Hardy kiwi is very sensitive to late spring frosts, and has not been very successful for me in my likely similar climate.

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