Tolman Sweet Apple

raiqueeOctober 17, 2011


Was wondering if anyone had experience growing this heritage apple, and where I could find it? An orchard down the road grows this, but its been there for years and years. This is my husbands favorite apple and wanted to find a tree of it.

Any suggestions?

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Maple Valley sells them

Carla in Sac

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Also try Trees of Antiquity, Cummins, Henry Leuthardt, Big Horse Creek Farm.

I have a graft of it but have not gotten any fruit from it.


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bhawkins(8A Dallas)

Johnson nursery in ga has it

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Thanks guys, I was hitting some dead ends as I'm new to the fruit tree world :)

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tedgrowsit(6b PA)

You could get yourself a rootstock and graft a tree of your own from a twig from your local orchard. It is a lot of fun. Ted

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I don't know the first thing about grafting or rootstocks. I'd perfer not to dabble in that, as i'm not quite sure I have the brainpower for that one yet!

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Keep reading- you'll be ready in time for Spring!


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I once grew Tolman Sweet at an orchard I worked at when just out of college. This orchard only had 4 standard Tolman trees but had a cult following for the fruit. We had customers who called every year to check on their harvest and reserve them. Some would drive 60 miles to get them!

While a decent apple, I was never overly impressed with them. Just my opinion as others sure rave about them!

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If you haven't already got a Tolman Sweet I just recently saw Millers is selling them at half price right now. I make a drive every year to Tremendous Fruit Farm in Eau Claire, MI to try all the rare apples as they have a special section where you can buy amounts of rare heirloom apples and also give you free tastes of apples you many not have tried. Last year I fell in love with the Tolman Sweet when I tried a sample, and the year before that it was the Pink Sugar which I talked to their nursery man where to get one and he ended up selling me one from their nursery stock. Now this year I would like to get the Tolman Sweet and a Cox Orange Pippin to finish filling out my mini orchard to go with my Pink Sugar, Fuji, Mutsu, and Florina. Also have 4 sweet cherry trees and 1 sour cherry. Good luck and hope by now you already have one mouth is watering thinking about the sweet unusual taste!!

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

I was not happy with Millers myself. This late in the year you will be hard-pressed to get a good quality tree from a mail-order nursery. I would suggest Trees of Antiquity, where I bought mine and was very pleased. My advice is to wait to place an order till the fall, and then order from a more reputable nursery. Personally I have been very happy whenever I've ordered from Cummins or Trees of Antiquity. Their prices are a bit higher, but well worth it.

September is the time to place an order for the following year...I learned this the hard way!

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alan haigh

I don't trust Miller for accuracy of labeling of their heirlooms. Pretty hit and miss on an order of 30 trees I made about 15 years ago. I ordered from them because they were the only outfit selling trees on seedling rootstock that would deliver in Fall. They might have that act more together now but they sell very small trees.

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Thanks for the warning on millers. I definitely don't want to mess around with a place that has rumors of mismarked varieties.

I'm also not sure what my husband loves in that apple. They are small, don't have all that much flavor. But every October he gets anxious saying we have to go to that orchard before they sell out of his apple. Now since we are moving away from that apple orchard, I best plant him a tree.

I'm buying the majority of my orchard from rain tree, but the odd things like this apple I will need to find elsewhere.

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