Source for Jupiter?

rosefollyOctober 9, 2012

I planted several table grapes a few years ago. There is a lot of competition for space in my back yard now and I've decided to keep only my family's three favorites, the seedless Jupiter and Vanessa as well as the seeded Steuben. The other two are going, Bokay for an uninspiring flavor, and Suffolk Red for poor production (though it does taste good). The problem is that I need to move Jupiter because it is too big for its current spot. I plan to move it to the place Bokay currently occupies.

Of course it is too big to actually move. I think. Are established grapes moveable if heavily pruned? It has been in the ground for 3 or 4 years. This is the first year it produced much of a crop. I would lose a lot of root mass if I moved it. Perhaps someone could tell me if it is likely to survive treatment of this sort.

I was actually thinking of putting a new plant in, wasteful as that sounds. Now I could take cuttings to root, but I would get a year's head start if I could purchase a rooted start. Unfortunately I live in California and most nurseries can't ship grapes here. Stark Bros can, but they aren't offering it this year. Trees of Antiquity and Bay Laurel Nursery both offer some nice grapes, but no Jupiter. Can any one suggest a source that might have Jupiter this year, and are permitted to ship to California?

Would love to hear suggestions.


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Does double a ship to california? they are my fav for grapes. nice healthy roots on everything I've been given.

Here is a link that might be useful: an east coast jupiter source

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It seems not. Too bad -- it looked like a wonderful source!

Thanks anyway.


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i got a jupiter from home depot 2 years ago but it was dinky and died. has a huge selection of grapes and their deluxe vines ive bought were pretty nicely sized but theyre a little more expensive since shipping is a min of $15

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Rolling River nursery should have them next spring. They are located somewhere in CA but I dont remember where.

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I ordered mine last year from Double A vineyard out of NY. I was very satisfied with everything--price, service, and quality.

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Shane11, thanks for the pointer to Rolling River. I have put my name on their waiting list for Jupiter. I thought there was another nursery selling interesting grapes in-state besides Bay Laurel and Trees of Antiquity, but I could not remember what it was.

BrookW and Mdo003, Double A in NY is the nursery PersianMD20rchard recommended. They don't ship to California. Most out of state nurseries do not, Stark Bros being an exception. I suspect that California is protecting the wine industry from disease being brought in accidentally and doing it by setting such high standards for importing that it is expensive to comply. Too bad -- it looks like a fine source.

And I'm not surprised the Home Depot grape failed. They never struck me as sourcing high quality plants. I suppose it is possible to purchase reasonably good plants there, but it depends in part on the good luck of Home Depot actually staffing their garden department with knowledgeable staff! It does happen from time to time.

Thanks to all ---


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