Please help identify apple variety

scmtns(9b Sunset 15)October 28, 2012

My friend has a wonderful apple tree that has been in her Saratoga, California (climate similar to San Jose?) yard for at least 30 years. She doesn't know its name; her father planted it when she was a child. The fruit is very crisp, usually green and red striped, and a good size (3"+ diameter) The fruit is now yellow and red maybe because it's later in the season or maybe because they've been on the tree a long time. The tree is 10' tall. I have photos of the tree and the leaves, but can't figure out how to post more than 1 photo. If I knew its name, I could try to find one at a nursery. Thanks!

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Possibly Gravenstein. It's very common on the central coast of CA.

Here is a link that might be useful: pictures Gravenstein apple

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I was thinking the same but wouldn't that be way too late for ripening?
Or... When what the pic taken?

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scmtns(9b Sunset 15)

Thanks for the responses. I took the photo yesterday, Sunday, 28 October. It is late season for this apple. There are only 5-6 apples left, and they are more yellow than green as they were earlier in the season. I'm attaching a photo of the tree (also taken yesterday). There are 2-3 apples at the top of the tree. The tree is at least 10 feet tall, if that information helps at all.

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Gravensteins ripen so early that they are not offered for sale in early October at a major apple festival.

I have been offered ripe Gravensteins in late August at family reunions.

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Sierra Beauty? one of my favorite apples, everyone should have one. Keeps forever, delicious flavor, good for pies and fresh eating.

Carla in Sac

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scmtns(9b Sunset 15)

Carla in Sac,
Thanks for the response. That might be the one. That tree produces the best apples.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Find someone to graft you a couple of new trees using scion wood from that tree. That's the only way you can guarantee you get the same fruit.

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scmtns(9b Sunset 15)

To: Oregonwoodsmoke
Thanks for the suggestion. We plan to try grafting onto a gala apple tree in the same yard. The gala tree looks healthy, but it hasn't produced many apples. It's also quite young. We've read a bit about grafting, and I believe that Spring is the time to do it. I would appreciate any advice about when and which grafting method.

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