Testing for the Viability of Stone Fruit Seeds

Bradybb(wa8)October 1, 2012

I read about a simple test for determining the future germination of stone fruit seeds.It said to drop them into a bucket of water.The ones that sink could be counted as good and the floating seeds should be discarded.It reminds me of the test for chicken eggs.

Has anyone done this and carried it through,by planting both types and found these results or something different? Thanks,Brady

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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

This season I refrigerated bush cherry seeds after depitting for pies. Once all the pies were made (yum) I washed the seeds in water to get all the meat off. A few floated but these were not discarded. I think stored seeds may dry and float but some may still be good. I bagged the cleaned seeds in potting soil, which is sterilized, and put these in the fridge. The seeds need to go through a cold period then germinate in the bag. I pick out the sprouts and I plant them in pots on my garden window.

Photo of Bush cherry seedlings taken today.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Floaters are more likely to be bad since it means there is more air (and less seed) in the cavity underneath the seed shell. I expect some floaters are in fact good, they just grew a bit funny. Plenty of sinkers will also be bad.


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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

Scott, Someone posted, I don't remember when, that bush cherry seeds were not viable. Bush cherry seeds are now proven viable. I was surprised at the high germination rate. These seedlings are Crimson Passion.

Getting back to the question of this thread on floating seeds. My experience has been all fruit tree seeds germinate in the fridge after a period of time. Then I pick out the ones that sprout and plant in a pot. Trying to remove nonviable seeds is left to the seeds themselves.

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Okay thanks,it's probably best to plant them all then.Brady

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