Overwintering Potted Blueberries

apexgrower(6b NJ)October 6, 2010

I need some advice on overwintering my potted blueberries! I have searched all over the forums and I still have no idea what I should do. I have over 30 containers and I don't want to have to drag them all into my garage or bury them in the ground. I also read that during the winter the pots should be watered once every 6-8 weeks...any truth in that?

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apexgrower(6b NJ)

Ignore the link, for some reason it stopped working :(

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Blueberry plants actually need a winter freeze to produce fruit so you don't
need to worry about the cold! They will do fine outdoors and would probably
not make it if you put them in the house. Make sure to water them regularly

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

You can't water on someone else's schedule. Check the moisture level of the soil and add water when needed.

The plants will not be using much water, but you can not allow blueberries to dry out completely or the plants will die.

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I only have 4 pots -- I have been successful by leaving them out in the garden but piling leaves or pine straw up over and around them. By spring that has broken down a fair amount & is not much more than halfway up the side of the pot, so I don't know how necessary it is, maybe it is only the mulch on the top that is helping. I do have to rig a disguise for the plants so the deer don't nibble them--last year, sticking tree branches that were taller than the blueberries into the pots seemed to work well.

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We din't get much rain this year and the summer was very hot. I water my Blueberry every 2 to 3 days. If in pots my understanding the watering schedule should be shorter.

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My Blueberry plant died in the pot outside last winter...I did not water it though.

I have the same problem this year, what to do?

I am thinking of digging a hole in the garden and placing each pot in the hole(obviously leaving the pot on)....and mulching on the top. The horticulturalist at the garden centre said they will not overwinter in containers outside and must be put in a garage with a window open.

I'm gonna do the burry and mulch thing...

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Really it depends on the variety you have. If you have northern varieties it is hardy and can stand any cold. If you have the southern varieties and you live in the north you need to protect it.

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I have varieties such as: Blue Crop, Blue Ray, Northcounty
Should I leave them as is in the pots and not burry them?

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apexgrower(6b NJ)

i decided im going to buy tons of straw and pile it up all around the pots. most of my bushes are northern but i dont want to take the chance leaving them exposed and losing any over the winter. i have read from a few sources that the soil needs to stay moist throughout the winter otherwise the bushes wont make it. so does this mean i have to water the pots during freezing cold weather? wouldnt the water in the soil freeze and cause damage to the plants?

if any of you care to share photos of your potted blueberry bushes that would be cool.

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