Fruit tree ID please.

tcstoehrOctober 24, 2013


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Sorry, I messed up the first post. Here's the actual text.

This tree is growing in Hillsboro, Oregon and is currently ripening. The insides are mushy, sweet and mild flavored. 5-7 seeds are present in each fruit, each seed is about the size of a small pebble. The skin is quite thin, easily chewable.

What could it be? Maybe some type of Dogwood?

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I guess I answered my own question. After googling "edible dogwood" I found the Kousa Dogwood. Positive ID. Thanks all the same. What a nice tree. Beautiful spring blossoms and tasty fall fruit. What more do you want?

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The fruit has been described by many people as bland and pasty, similar to an arbutus fruit (strawberry tree).

Perhaps it could be prepared as some kind of fruit butter with spices.

These dogwoods are being more commonly planted as street trees in Portland and make a big sidewalk mess this time of year.

There are some on the next block, I will try a couple of the fruits.

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