Paw Paw Problems

lawanddisorder(6)October 9, 2013

I got two paw paws this spring, 1 PA Golden and One unnamed grafted variety.

The leaves on one of them are looking rather distressed. Any ideas what is the cause?

The other one suffered die back on the main stem and put on very limited growth. I've read they are slow to establish, but then take off. Should I be concerned?

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its fall, you are going to end up with leafless trees.

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They are young.It could be sunburn. Brady

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alan haigh

I vote for first answer. I'm in Z 6 and one of my trees has almost completely defoliated- it is the earliest fruiting one of the collection. The others are at least as far along as one in photo. Not likely to get sunburn in the declining Oct. sun. Paw Paws leaf out late and drop leaves early.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I vote for both. That damage is definitely sunburn. Since the leaves are going to fall soon they get more susceptible to all kind of injury and diseases - the tree is losing the commitment to fighting that stuff.


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When was it first noticed about the way some of the leaves look?
I have a Wabash and a Sunflower that are about a year or two older in containers and they suffered some in mid Summer,the Wabash more so,even though it is bigger.I moved them to more filtered light.They didn't get worse,but the burned leaves stayed the same.Some varieties may be more light sensitive. Brady

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