question about moving a young fruit tree

winstonlohOctober 24, 2012

Hi,new backyard gardener here. i planted an apple and sour cherry tree this fall (a potted tree from the nursery), but i am rethinking the location of these trees on my property. can i dig up the tree with the root ball and safely replant it in another location next spring? any things i should be aware of?

another slightly more complicated question. i am planning on doing some landscaping on my property over the next 1-2 years. after that i would like to plant more cherry and chum (cherry/plum) trees. the potted trees from the nursery are quite small (1 gal pots), and i am assuming will take several years to produce fruit. would there be an advantage for me to plant these trees now, have them grow for 1-2 years, then transplant them to their final place in 1-2 years time? or am i better off to wait until i finish landscaping to buy and plant the trees?

thank you!


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alan haigh

Yes you can transplant trees next spring as soon as extreme weather is over but at least slightly before trees begin to bud out for best results.

Yes, you can grow trees and move them later to get quicker results than starting with new trees but you'd be better off mail ordering bare root trees from a nursery that specializes in hardy fruit trees, preferably located in your region. If you have light soil (more work with heavier soil) you can plant the trees right in the ground and move them bare root when ready to go in permanent locations. I move mature but small (not more than 3 inch diameter trunks) fruit trees all the time).

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alexander3_gw(6 Pennsylvania)

I would move them now if you know where you want them to be. Tree roots put on some growth in the fall and early winter. If you move them now, that growth will help them get established. If you move them in the spring, some of that new growth may be lost or damaged.


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alan haigh

I like fall planting also but in very cold climates it can be risky- or so I'm told.

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thank you very much!

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