Which of these two pluots will cross pollinate each other?

brownmolaOctober 13, 2012

Hello, I am going to clear some space to try and plant two pluots in one hole. I am interested in planting two of these four varieties: Flavor Grenade, Dapple Dandy, Geo Pride, Splash. I also have a Beauty plum that will be in close proximity if that makes a difference.

Any idea which two would be best suited with each other?

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According to the DWN website,

Dapple Dandy: pollenized by Flavor Supreme, Flavor King, Santa Rosa, Catalina, Burgundy
Emerald Drop: Flavor Grenade, Santa Rosa
Flavor Finale: Santa Rosa, Burgundy, Flavor Grenade
Flavor Grenade: Flavor King, Dapple Dandy, Emerald Drop, Santa Rosa
Flavor King: Flavor Supreme, Dapple Dandy, Santa Rosa, Late Santa Rosa
Flavor Queen: Dapple Dandy, Flavor Supreme, Burgundy
Flavor Supreme: Santa Rosa, Late Santa Rosa, Flavorosa, Flavor Queen, Geo Pride
Flavorich (added 9-15-12): Dapple Dandy, Flavor King, Santa Rosa, Late Santa Rosa
Flavorosa: Emerald Drop, Mariposa
Geo Pride: Flavor Supreme, Dapple Dandy, Santa Rosa
Splash: Santa Rosa, Flavor Grenade

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Of the 4 you mentioned, I like Flavor Grenade the best. It has a great taste, and an almost apple like crunchiness.

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Thanks Steve. This is where I am confused. If I were to go with Flavor Grenade, according to that chart, the only combo that would pollenize each other would be Flavor Grenade and Emerald Drop right? It seems like a lot of pluots are pollenized by FG but FG is not pollenized by the same ones. If I were to go with FG is Emerald Drop my only option for cross-pollenation between the two pluots?

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That's a tough one. Bay Laurel online nursery offers a 4 in 1 pluot called "Zee sweet nuggets" that has Splash, Emerald drop, geo pride and flavor grenade on one tree.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Given you have a plum nearby and probably more plum/pluot in the area, I'd plant the best fruit and hope I didn't have to thin too much.

Flavor Grenade over sets enough to be a royal pain so don't worry about it. Geo Pride also sets very well. Those are my favorites of the ones you mention. Dapple Dandy isn't very sweet and I don't care for the flavor or texture. Emerald Drop sets very well but isn't as good as several others.

Flavor Supreme rates with Flavor King as the best fruit but doesn't set well and bees only visit by mistake. I don't know why they say it would pollinate anything.

Flavor King, along with Supreme, has the best flavor of any pluot or plum. King sets well but not as much as most.

Flavor Finale has very good flavor but doesn't hold really well on the tree or off.

My favorites are: Supreme, Pride, King, Finale, and Flavor Treat which isn't widely available.

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Thanks guys. I definitely will get a Flavor Grenade and I want to make sure the two pluots can cross pollinate each other so I think my only options are to pair it with the Emerald Drop since they are listed as being able to cross pollinate each other. I would love to get the Flavor Grenade and then a Geo Pride or a Splash but am worried about pollination.

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It looks like Santa Rosa Plum will cover a lot,if that could fit in. Brady

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Agreed, Santa Rosa is a also a very good tasting plum.

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Thanks for all the advice guys. I think I'm going Flavor Grenade and Emerald Drop in the same hole.

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