Stringy Avocados, Why?

Barbara RichardsonOctober 18, 2010

Does anyone know why and how to keep avocados from getting stringy? I have a Don Gillogly avocado tree which is about 5 years old. Last year it had about 5 avocados which tasted ok.

This year it had close to 40 avocados and so far, every single one had been stringy. (I hate stringy avocados) Did we leave the fruit on the tree too long? Is it because of the weather? Some of the avocados suffered from "Bloom and Rot." How long do you leave avocados on the tree before you pick them? Could the stringyness be because the tree is still considered "young"?

I don't recall the few avocados from last year being stringy, and as watery and tasteless as this year's crop.

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I don't know why your avocados were stringy, but if you can figure this out, it might explain why the fresh peaches we buy in season are often stringy, mealy, and tasteless. Even though they have colorful skin, and they look ripe.

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Axel(12b/Sunset H2)

Stringiness in avocaos is purely a function of variety. The stringiness is mostly a trait of Mexican type avocados. I've never heard of a "Don Gillogly" avocado variety, it's not listed in the UC Riverside collection either. Chances are this is a trait of this variety. I did do a Google search and found some info on it, it is in fact a Mexican type, and it appears to be a random seedling, so chances are, you get to deal with stringiness in this variety.

See UC Riverside Avocado Collection.

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