Peach Tree not growing

mike1994(5)November 2, 2008

I know nothing about peach trees except that I wanted one. So in June I bought one (don't know the age but about 6 ft tall) and planted it. Planted it in the middle of my yard, lots of sun, with some fertilizer (not too much to start) and watered. Over the past 4 months it doesn't seem to have grown at all. It doesn't seem to have died (at least not that I could tell). There is some insect damage to the leaves, but they still seem to be healthy.

Do these trees (red haven) have a dormant period, or am I doing something terriblly wrong. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Mike1994, was this a potted tree, already growing, branched and leafed out (since you planted in June, I am assuming this is the case).

If so, odds are it probably had already done most of its "growing" for the year. Woody plants come out with a big flush of new growth in the spring, and it essentially, for the most part, is done growing by mid-summer at the latest (varies by species and climate). I suspect this is what has happened with your peach, and that nothing is wrong at all. The tree, having been in the commercial nursery trade, probably came from a warmer climate (usually either Tennessee if you're in the East/Midwest, or Oregon if your in the West) than Zone 5, where it started growing probably back in March. So, by the time you bought it in June, it was probably just done growing for this year.

I wouldn't worry at all about it, sounds fine to me. See how it does in the spring. Be sure to spray with lime-sulfur before the buds break, and start a regular spray program next year.

SE Michigan

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Thanks Dennis. Yes, it was in a pot when I bought it from a garden center. I'm in NW Indiana.

I sprayed a couple of times with Sevin, but not regularly. I was planning to spray regularly next year. What is the lime-sulfur spray for? I countinue to water once or twice a week as long as the weather permits, OK?

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theaceofspades(7 Long Island)

mike1994, which nursery did you buy from. A local nursery will winter over unsold trees to sell next year. Old pot bound trees lose their vigor. One should beware old stock at a local nursery. What did the roots look like when you plant the tree. I'll take a 1 yr 5/8" bare root over an old potted tree anytime.

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I agree with Dennis and Ace, being no fan of large, potted nursery trees. Your tree may have looked great in its pot at the nursery, but it may be unhealthy for its entire career due to its bad start.

A small, bareroot tree planted in very early spring (April, not June), is the way to get started with fruit trees.

Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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Thanks everyone. But I had no way of knowing how the nursery handled their stock when I bought the tree. I didn't get a good look at the roots. I just took the tree out of the pot and put it in the hole I dug. So now that I have the tree I'll keep my fingers cross for next season. Thanks for the advice. I'm considering get a pear tree and if I do I'll keep your advice in mind.

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