Planting a Small Orchard Today

brianstreehouseNovember 16, 2013

I am planting a small orchard along the side of the house today. If all produces well, here is the goal:

Fruit Schedule


Anne Yellow Raspberry
Heritage Raspberry
Shiro Plum

Delicious Plum
Doctor Matthews Apple

Honeycrisp Apple
Jon-a-Red Apple
Cox�s Orange Pippin Apple
Anne Yellow Raspberry
Heritage Raspberry

Grimes Golden Apple
Red Rome Beauty Apple

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good luck with your project. I started something similar 5 years ago and saw my 1st real apple harvest this year (central MN)

One suggestion, if you have the room plant a flowering crab in the vicinity of the apples. My apples trees are in two different areas and the area with a couple of flowering crab trees seems to do significantly better on pollination even tho I have a broad mix of apple varieties that theoretically should be more than adequate for cross pollination.

I am adding a couple of flowering crab to the other area next spring.

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Are you omitting fruits like peaches and cherries because you don't like them or because of potential growing problems?

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I did not put in the peaches and cherries because of garden space, preference and because they come on all at once and don't keep as well.

I was looking at a Whitney crabapple. Maybe I should find room for it. I saw an interesting recipe for pickled crabapples.

Learning as I go.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

One thing I would say is you do need quite a few bramble plants to get a decent yield. I have 50 feet of raspberries. About 30 feet of blackberries. Any less would not be worth it to me. i want pounds, not handfuls.If you have 5 plants, you may get a handful a day. Besides snacking not much you can do with them. If I could i would have 150 feet of brambles.

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