crab apple cultivars

mbrown297(6b)November 8, 2012

Hi everyone!

I would like to purchase a few crab apple trees in the spring for my back yard. Does anyone have suggestions regarding good culinary varieties? I am looking for fruit that can be eaten off the tree or used for cooking, a relatively small tree and good disease resistance. Also, a good source for trees would be greatly appreciated.


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Centennial, Kerr, are top favorites here - both seedlings of Dolgo - which is pretty good in its own right.
Chestnut, Trailman get good reviews. Jim Bastian has an 'Orange Crab' that's very similar to Centennial, but may be even better(sweet, with dense yellow flesh).
Whitney is widely available - but there seem to be two 'Whitney' selections in the nursery trade, one better than the other. Wickson also gets good reviews, but has not fruited for me here.
Callaway, an ornamental type with heavy production of 1-1.5" fruits, has long been a favorite for my kids; I think Evereste is similar in size and production, with good quality fruits.

You can probably find some, if not all of these, at most good mail-order nurseries, like Cummins, Raintree, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Culinary Crabapples

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