Kiwi Gold Raspberry plants for sale.

drew51 SE MI Z5b/6aNovember 10, 2013

A user here pointed me towards some for sale. I know some users here were looking. Just a warning I ordered one plant last year, and it arrived in terrible shape. Kiwi is a sport of Heritage and it was very vigorous. I really didn't think it would survive. It was in pure peat moss completely dry, had white growth from lack of sun, and even looked dehydrated. Yet it not only grew, it grew like crazy producing 5 canes that all fruited this fall. Yum!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kiwi Gold raspberries for sale

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I hope you have the real deal. They do not have kiwi gold pictured but that of course does not mean they are not shipping the real mccoy. Let us know how it turns out.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I'm not sure how you can tell it is not? Mine for sure is, as none of the other yellows produce without support, and being a sport of heritage, it doesn't need support. My plant produced on 5 canes, and all leaned very little, it's kiwi gold for sure. they didn't grow the plant, it's packaged like it came from Home Depot, in a box from a huge breeder. I have no concerns as to what it is.
I got mine in April, but they have been sold out till about a week ago. I'm sure soon to be sold out again. get it while you can. And as I said the plant came in in poor condition, but survived anyway. Glad it did, it is an excellent plant.
I can say for sure it's not fall gold, Anne, honey queen, or cascade gold. I grow all those too, and it's nothing like any of them. It sort of looks like cascade gold, but it fruited on the ends, so it can't be cascade gold, a summer bearing plant. Besides the fact primocanes fruited, which of course cannot happen with cascade gold.
Here is a photo of mine. 3 canes are pictured, one is so loaded, it is leaning down. I picked two berries off it today, this photo is from 2013 10 02. So it has been producing for over a month. It may fruit earlier next year as plant becomes accustomed to it's new home. In the right forground are leaves from Caroline.

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One thing I have noted about kiwigold is that it has very orange fruit, not yellow but a deep orange, very attractive and unique among all the other "yellow" types I have grown. I can only compare them with fallgold and anne. Anne is a pale yellow but larger and firmer fruit. Fallgold is a deeper golden yellow if left to fully ripen. All this may be due to climate but I also note that while kiwigold is very attractive it is not as sweet as the other two. Like I said all this may be due to climate differences.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

"very orange fruit, not yellow but a deep orange,"

Yes, but they still taste pretty good yellow. They most certainly are yellow first than turn orange. And if you look in that photo, a buried berry is orange. Also note the very dark foliage which other yellows don't have.

I do think you're right about climate differences as here, I would say it's sweet, sweeter than Fall Gold. But I tend to pick early, and Fall Gold is tart early. At least here it is.
It may be soil or PH too. I'm growing Fall Gold in neutral soil. Kiwi Gold is in acidic soil.

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