Plum Tree Damage

Grak(7A)November 8, 2012

I planted this plumb tree last fall. I did no soil amendment other then compost in to mulch. I dug twice the width of the pot(5ft), and dug a 3inX6in trench around the perimeter. It's planted quite literally in rock(backfilled with top soil). We have webworm here but they pretty well stick to the elms. I've picked two webworm "egg sacks" off the tree. Leaves were fine until it got cold. Leaves fell off like normal, now has three new growth branches, healthy looking green limbs and leaves. I don't know anything about fruit trees. I planned to thin the tree back this spring. Why are the branches exploding? I would say 80% of all(big and small) branches have this... design? I've spent roughly 10 hours browing pictures and reading but it doesn't seem to match any diseases... Any ideas would be appreciated. I don't have any other fruit tress for at least a block. Just oak.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Looks like bacterial canker. If there is a lot of that already in the tree after one year, then the tree isn't going to last long. I'd cut it out if you can. If there is too much to cut it all out, well sadly you might as well cut the tree down. Could be wrong so wait another year or two. You'll either get fruit or a dead tree.

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Thank you for the response Fruitnut. I read recently that there is a lot of training involved in the first few years. So I planned a pretty severe pruning this spring anyhow. Worst case scenario is it dies. I will prune out all that is diseased and if it come back great, if not, not a huge loss.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

do think about sterilizing your pruners after you work on this tree.. before using them on other trees ...

if you have a warranty. you might want to talk to the seller ... since you are w/in one year ...


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