pollinator for Vanessa grape?

eskotaNovember 9, 2012

I'm about to plant a Vanessa seedless grapevine, and wondered if anyone has thoughts about what other varieties would be good to plant nearby?

Are American bunch varieties considered self-fertile? Do you need cross-pollination to get a crop?

I am growing several kinds of muscadine grapes, and I know that the female ones need to have varieties to pollinate them growing within 100'.


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

The American and European grapes are all self fertile.

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I grow some V. labrusca grapes but not Vanessa. I have seen Vanessa being grown here in SE WI and doing well.

V. labrusca types are self-pollinating.

Since you ask what others would be good to plant nearby,
I am partial to himrod seedless. The fruit is not large but the flavor is supurb. I also grow Canadice. While it
is a very low vigor vine for me, the skin color and flavor are great. Reliance also does well here. Winter hardiness,yield and vigor surpass Canadice but the fruit does not always color well.

I am not sure on how labrusca grapes perform in your area or what varieties work best there.

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Thanks for the information. I may get Himrod after hearing that endorsement.

Other questions I have are about bloomtime and disease resistance. I actually gave up on bunch grapes 5 years ago, after having several Mars and Venus vines die for no apparent reason (Pierce's Disease?), and seeing their flower shoots get killed by frost. Muscadines bloom late and grow in the woods around here.

My wife bought the Vanessa plant, so I'm going to try again. We moved about 40 miles south two years ago, so it's a new microclimate and different soil.

Are any labrusca varieties considered late-blooming and resistant to disease? There's one called Champanelle that Womack's says does well in areas where others fail. Anyone grow that?

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