Winterizing small fruit trees

tbuch(5a Canadian or 4a USDA)November 4, 2012

All the leaves have fallen off my first year bare-root trees and they all did well this season. I want to winterize/protect them as they are still young, and wondered if the forum members foresee any problems with my plan to wrap the trees in white winterizing felt and then wrapping with spiral tree guards. I'm hoping the felt will reduce temperature fluctuations and protect from SW disease. My concerns are holding moisture against the tree all winter and providing excellent wintering location for scale, but I assume a dormant oil spray in spring can fix that. I also plan to wrap my larger fruit tree trunks with the felt as well. I�m in zone 5a (USDA 4a) some of the trees are at their northern limits (Chojuro, Bartlett, Harrow Delight, Stella, Shiro, Burbank, and Akane) Any comments or suggestions? (the picture example is my Chojuro which dosn't have any branches yet)

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


I don't see anything wrong with your plan. You have obviously put a lot of thought into this and are trying for the best possible. My thought is that as the trees get bigger this approach will become increasingly difficult. Have you heard of painting the trunks with white interior latex paint diluted 50:50 with water? I'd think that would work just about as well and be an easier long term plan.

If you get a lot of snow watch that the snow doesn't build up on the trees and crush them.

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tbuch(5a Canadian or 4a USDA)

Thanks Fruitnut, yes most of the other trees already have lots of branches so i'll only be able to cover the trucks. I've thought of the paint, but don't really like the way it looks, and this is more hobby garden than production garden. Thanks for the response, I'll wrap the rest of the trees then too.

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