Dwarf Fruit Trees

kr222(6b)November 6, 2010

Does anyone have pictures of mature dwarf fruit trees? I am thinking about ordering a plum, peach, apple, and pear tree. All dwarf. I would like to see what some mature dwarf trees look like. Most of the ones online are newly planted. Thanks!

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maryneedssleep(5a (PA))

I'm not sure that there are good dwarfing rootstocks for peaches or pears, so make sure to order from a reputable nursery!
There are genetically dwarf peaches and nectarines (such as Pix Zee, Necta Zee, and Nectar Babe) that have very short internodes and look shrubby -- I think Raintree has a picture of these.

Apples have many good options for dwarfing rootstock. Here's a site that has good pictures of dwarf apple trees:
Gene's backyard orchard

From your message it sounded as though you might want one of each type of tree - you probably know this, but most trees will require a pollinator. You usually need to have 2 apples that bloom at the same time, 2 peaches, etc., although there are a few self-fertile varieties.

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I ordered my plants from Starks.
Specifically I ordered the following trees (all listed as self-pollinating):

Supreme Dwarf Stanley Plum
Supreme Dwarf Golden Delicious Apple
Supreme Dwarf Redhaven Peach
Dwarf Honeysweet Pear

I was hoping to see some pictures of mature dwarf fruit trees so I can picture the best spot for my trees. It's really tough to find pictures of dwarf fruit trees that have been planted for a while.

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Look here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gene's dwarf orchard

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Thanks for the link. He does have a few dwarf trees, but almost all or mini-dwarfs. I think those are much smaller than what mine will turn out to be. It was an interesting link. I wish he would have featured some of his dwarf trees more though.

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peachymomo(Ca 8)

I read that even a fruit tree on dwarfing rootstock will tend to grow fairly large unless you prune in late summer to control the size, my trees are all very young still but maybe someone with more experience can comment on that claim.

It seems to me that different trees act differently on dwarfing rootstock. I planted a plum, pear, peach and persimmon last spring and after a year of growth they are very different sizes. The peach and persimmon are about the same, the pear is half their size, and the plum is more than twice as tall as any of the others. They are all on dwarfing rootstock.

One last thing, I heard that an apricot tree can never truly be dwarfed, is this true? I'm going to plant one next year and I've designated it a spot for a mature size of 25' wide, does that sound about right?

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25 feet sounds ample to me.

As for dwarfing apricots, we discussed it some time ago on this exchange:


And within that exchange is the address for a nursery that has a good page on the subject on their website.

Currently I'm growing a 'cot in a pot, dubbed my apripot. (I tease people by offering to show them my pot plant.) That's said to keep them pretty well dwarfed.

I also am growing a prune plum grafted onto Nanking cherry root (prunus tomentosa) and it is healthy, but very dwarfed. Three years old and not had time to bear yet; it's about waist high. It might be fun to see if an apricot would also work on tomentosa, and of course it's too soon to say that the plum will be a success.

Good luck,

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Does anyone have any pictures of their dwarf fruit trees at any age? Thanks.

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I don't believe in this dwarf thing. Nothing is Dwarf. I planted Garden Annie dwarf Apricot tree. The only thing keeping it 12 feet is my Clipper I keep pruning it to keep it manageable.

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What I know is that my semi-standard apple produces decent apples every year and I've yet to get an edible one from my several dwarfs.

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For those of you that have mature dwarf peach, plum, apple, and pear trees, how tall and wide are they?

Did it take a lot of pruning to get them to maintain that size?

Does anyone have any mature dwarf trees from Stark Bros?

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