Ozark Strawberries

sdelafuente(9)November 8, 2013

Early October I got 20 bare root Ozark Strawberries. I placed them in small pots but the roots were so big and not much growth. So I built a raised bed and fill it with compost, topsoil and cow manure. I planted them and they were growing pretty fast. 2 weeks ago I noticed that they were having small holes in the leaves. 3 of them have died and more of them have a lot of holes in them. The holes are small and all over the leaves. I have several other plants in my back yard and none of them are having this issue.

What bug does that? What can I use to control them?

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what zone are you in, i have ozark i got at lowes, im in zone 9/10 boarder, im having the same problem with holes in the leafs, in my case i belive its the Sri Lanka Weevil olny because i find them on my elm tree eating the leaves, they are hard to control

Here is a link that might be useful: sri lanka weeviel

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I am zone 9a. Weird for me is that I got a mango, pomegranate, and banana plants next to it and only these affected.

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very few things will eat mango leafs, they are poisenous, i have mango/banana and many more and so far the elm and the strawberries are the only 2 plants geting eating, i have fond the weeviles in the peach trees but no sings of eating them. if your in fl, your close enough for those weeviels look for them in early morning, they can be hard to spot because they fall as a defense

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I am in south Texas and I haven't seen any of those weeviel before.

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