Not sure when the Fuyu Persimmon is ripe

Suzi AKA DesertDanceNovember 18, 2013

This tree was established on property we purchased this year. There were zero instructions. We had experience with the apple here that was attacked by various critters. The human pee seemed to work, and we employed that tactic and also put up a 3' wall of gopher wire topped by bird netting. The persimmons are safe, but the wall has been tromped down to nothing by some critter trying to get in.

We now have to navigate our safeguards to harvest the persimmons. They are pretty orange, but not quite ripe. How do you know? I have several on the counter ripening, but I really wanted them to ripen on the tree. Tough call.


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watching this post....I tried a Fuyu that was orange and looked ripe the other day. It shriveled and became somewhat rubbery.

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I think the Fuyu types will continue to color and sweeten after picked if they already have some decent color. I don' think you have to wait for solid orange.

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If you have many -- after 1 yr in the ground! -- then pick one and see.

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First sign: The fruit is 100% orange colored. Second sign: The 4 leaves attached to the top of the fruit is 100% dried, brown, and brittle. Time to EAT!!

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alan haigh

I would expect all Fuyus to be ripe in S. CA by now. They've been coming in for a month and by Christmas they are hard to find, except from Israel. Still, why pick them before they are orange if there are still functioning leaves on the tree? Once the leaves turn yellow I don't think there's any point in leaving them on the tree.

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