Whey to acidify soil?

begoniarob(8B/9A)November 23, 2012

GardenWeb folks,

My girlfriend has started making cheese as a result has a bit of whey. Now, I know that whey is not compostible because it will over acidify everything. However, I recently planted blueberries, which like a more acid soil. Can I use the whey? How about diluted whey?



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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Effect, if any, will be very brief in soil. Use it to make bread or other cooking.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

A search for "pH of whey" (without quotes) reveals that whey isn't all that acid in the first place.

You might try a different search -- "uses of whey" (again, without quotes).

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alan haigh

Just because something is acidic doesn't mean it is a good long term way to acidify soil. Use sulfur.

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I'm not sure why whey can't be composted. I would think that it is mainly water, with some protein in solution. Have you tried to compost it?

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Seems to me that whey would have some good-guy bacteria and nutrients that would actually inoculate/boost your compost. I would add some browns (paper, etc) at the same time to keep things balanced. Like all things, start out slowly and analyze results.

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In the cheesemaking class, they said not to put the whey on plants because it is so acidic it would sterilize the soil. So, I think putting it in compost would overly acidify the compost making it inert.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Wow,I'd like to see what the pH of that is.Sounds more acidic than battery acid.If it is,then it could probably be diluted. Brady

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