Does wet freezing kill temperate fruit-tree seeds?

gonebananas_gwNovember 26, 2012

I know many dried vegetable seeds can be frozen harmlessly.

I would guess that many tree seeds shed in fall in middle and northern latitudes get routinely frozen even if leaf-covered or slightly buried.

Still, I have never heard or read yea or nay from someone who knows from experience.

I am mainly interested about if frozen in the ripe fruit. If the fruit of an apple or persimmon or pear is frozen for storage (to eat in a recipe, obviously) will the seeds be viable at thawing and extraction?

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Several years back, a friend & fellow oak enthusiast did an experiment freezing several hundred Q.alba acorns in a solid block of ice and holding them overwinter in that manner - none survived as viable seeds that germinated. Don't know if that will extrapolate to seeds frozen in a persimmon or not.

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Thanks. I guess I'll just have to try it.

Your friend's results do make one wonder, do only those acorns that are deeply buried by squirrels get to germinate? And it would have to be fairly deep burial at the northern edge of the oaks' ranges.

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