thomis(7)November 4, 2012


I think my fuyu's are ripe. I'm in central NC, does early November sound about right?

What is best way to pick? The hold on STRONG to the tree, the first one I tried to pick I ended up breaking the branch.

How do you eat them? They are hard, very hard. I know they aren't supposed to be astringent. Do I need to peel them?

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swvirginiadave(z6 VA)

Clip them off with your pruning clippers. They will not be astringent--how hard they are doesn't change that. You can eat them hard if you want, but I (and probably most people) prefer them a bit soft (but not really squishy). They will soften up after you harvest--just put them in a paper bag and set them on the shelf. It may take several days or several weeks; just keep tabs on them. To peel or not to peel. That is the question. It is optional. Try it either way and do what you like best. I prefer peeled.

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alexander3_gw(6 Pennsylvania)

I'd just emphasize you should check them every day or two. They can go from hard to soft pretty quickly when it's their time.

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I sometimes twist them off the tree but like has been suggested using clippers is easier. I harvest when all traces of green is gone from the fruit and you can easily harvest over a several week period, if not longer. All the fruits on my 'jiro' are ready for harvesting now. I have been harvesting some of these for about a month. I much prefer them when they just begin to soften rather than crunchy as the flavor is much improved and I always peel. To me the peeling is a little tough and I have heard that the peeling is hard to digest.

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