which kakis to avoid to avoid seed/male flowers?

cousinfloydNovember 8, 2013

I was just reading in the other thread about the suspicion that Jiro leads to seed development in other nearby Asian persimmons. What other varieties should I avoid (or isolate) if I want to avoid seeded fruit? I'd be particularly curious about Hana Fuyu, Wase Fuyu, 20th century, Sheng, Smith's Best, Kyungsun Ban si, Giombo, Saijo, Izu, Tecumseh, Gwang Yang, Tam Kam... Any of those known to produce male flowers?

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I have 20th century grafted to Chocolate.. it produced all male flowers this year. I don't know if the stock had a role in that or not.

Persimmons do very strange things, just when I think I get it some other strange thing happens. This year a graft looked like it was going to die, the leaves all yellowed and crinkled, but then it decided it wanted to live after all and parts of it took off again.


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I had a similar graft this year. I grafted Nikita's gift about 5' high on a wild volunteer. The graft pushed out some small new growth but then basically just sat there all year. There was maybe 1/2" of new shoot growth all of the leaves of which weren't more than 1-1/2" in diameter altogether. Then about early September it decided to take off and suddenly put on thick
new growth that grew about a foot. I think it was all too new and tender to survive even the freezes we've had so far, but I'm hoping I've still got some viable buds on the earlier growth.

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Hanafuyu does produce some male blooms so can cause others to be seedy however I have never found over one or two seed in only a small percentage of the fruit. Jiro grown alone should be seedless. I like the very large size of hanafuyu so much that an occasional seed is not a bother though I know others may not agree.

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