New Dwarf Nectarine Tree - Questions

kassargent(6a)November 8, 2013

Hi all! I received my new leprechaun dwarf nectarine tree from Willis Orchards today! Just a couple of questions for you experts, as this is my very first fruit tree.

The tree is about 4 feet tall, grafted at 18 inches and is currently a naked root ball waiting for planting. I'm in zone 6a and plan on planting it into a large pot.

How large of a pot should I put my tree in? Again, I am in zone 6a- our temperatures rarely fall below 0F. Should I pot the tree and leave it outside all winter? I know fruit trees require chilling hours, I'm just unsure of what is best for this particular tree.

Thanks guys!

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Also, what kind of potting soil mix would be best? The pots I'm currently looking at are 16"Hx16"W, would that be large enough?

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Leprechaun Nectarine.I haven't heard of that one.18 inch at the graft.That seems kind of high,but oh well,maybe not.
I'd put it in a fairly large container,probably at least a #10 to #15 nursery pot size.
When planting in containers.I use mostly Pine and or Fir bark mulch,Peat moss,Perlite in about a 60/20/20 mix.
It could be left outside in a sheltered area or the pot could be put in the ground and some leaves piled around it.It could also be in an unheated garage. Brady

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Brady gave excellent advice, and I agree. It is exactly what to do. I just planted a few days ago in ground a Weeping Santa Rosa from Willis orchards. Nice looking specimen!
Very well packed. I'm in 6a too. One day I will buy a dwarf peach. i saw a few from Zaiger, and a couple actually have top rate fruit. Farmer Fred has a radio show out of CA and his favorite peach is a dwarf. Honey Babe. Placed in the top 100 in the DWN taste tests.

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