Good Quality Grafting Webinar Video

megamav(5a - NY)November 14, 2012

A quality production from Seed Savers Exchange out of Iowa.

They cover Matching sized whip & tongue, Mismatch sized whip & tongue and bud grafting.

They go over their mission to save heirlooms and an introduction to why grafting is necessary to preserve varieties.

If you want to skip to the grafting instruction go to 28:50.




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franktank232(z5 WI)

I personally love chip budding. Seems to work on about anything and I've had good success so far with takes. I probably did 100 or more this I've got a lot to keep tabs on this spring. Exchanging budwood through mail seems to work just fine, so hopefully I'll have a lot of wood to share this summer.

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A really good video-thanks.


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