Persimmons in a Pot - what rootstock is best?

mk-in-ohioNovember 9, 2012

I am pretty sure that I will be using the last spot on the south side of my house for a Nikita's Gift persimmon this spring. I would like to have one non-astringent but in my area I would have to provide winter protection.

I am wondering - if I chose a dwarf variety like Izu or Ichi, could I grow one in a very large pot? Would it have a sigificant amount of fruit? I could leave the pot in my garage during the coldest part of winter.

I was going to purchase the Nikita's Gift from Burnt Ridge. They also have Izu, but their Asians are on kaki rootstock. Could that work in a pot with the long tap root, or would I be better off with lotus or virginiana?

Any advice is very appreciated.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

My buddy had one in a pot this year and his fruit is just as big as mine in-ground. I think this is only the second year in the pot and already about 15 fruit. This was a Eureka from Womack's nursery. I've grown many other fruits in pots and rootstock has no affect that I can tell. Getting the soil mix in the pot right is more important. I've never used bigger than 15 gallon pot and it's worked fine. Eureka is a small tree even in the ground.

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Try to buy your Asian persimmons with D.Virginiana rootstock for cold hardiness. One green world have Nikita s gift on D.V., Stark bros also have Asian persimmons on D.V., or Edible landscaping, or Just fruits&Exotics.

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Thank you Fruitnut and Biomed - I was afraid kaki and d.v. might not work due to their long tap roots.

Fruitnut - interesting about the Eureka - 15 fruits the second year in the pot is impressive. Is it an early or late ripener?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


It's pretty late. I just picked mine and none are ripe yet. Hope they will ripen in the frige this winter. Our warm weather season is probably at least two months longer than yours. It's still 70F here right now but that's way warmer than normal. Supposed to get our first frost the next couple of days.

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Sounds like it definitely wouldn't ripen here. Thanks for the good info, Fruitnut.

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I am beginning to eat a moderate number of Asian persimmons from young trees in 25 gallon pots. I know at least some and probably most are on D. virginiana. Persimmons seem fairly tolerant as to cobbled-together potting soil (especially compared to such "fussy" trees as pawpaw). I use mostly ground pine bark and a little dolomite for Ca, Mg, and pH, sometimes with perlite, Sphagnum peat, or vermiculite. I do use a complete fertilizer though (citrus type, with iron and trace metals).

I like the light more-coarsely granular soil when I have to move the trees. I let them go a bit dry first and they are then not too heavy.

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Gonebananas - Thanks for the potting mix info - hopefully by keeping the mix light I can successfully move the tree in and out of the garage.

Good to hear that persimmons with d.v. rootstock can survive in pots and actually fruit. What varieties do you have? Do you think I am better off with a dwarf variety like Izu? Also considered Matsumoto as it is early ripening, too, and supposed to be cold hardy and productive. I think it is a bigger tree, though.

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I talked to One Green World today. All their persimmons are on d.v., even the Asians.

Just wanted to share that in case someone else had that question.

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I've eaten fruit from many different selections in 25-gallon pots, native and Asian (even 10-15-gallon pots for natives, though they are not intended to stay in these).

Even the strong-growing "Matsumoto."

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