Persimmon seeds

napapen(ca 15)November 28, 2012

I usually find one or two fruits have seeds in them. However this year it is probably about 10%. I have one fruit that looks like a cross between the two trees I have. If luckily it has seeds, I plan to plant them. Does anyone have experience with seedlings and crosses between two.

Thanks Penny

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Napapen, This is the way you get a new hybrids. They have been doing crosses like this in China for thousand of years.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Penny, you can't tell by the fruit whether it is a cross or not, the fruit is all from the mother's DNA. Still, most persimmon seeds are from cross-pollination since most persimmon varieties produce no male flowers.


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Is it possible that really infrequent seeds in persimmons about through parthenogenesis -- if I even understand the word correctly -- i.e. without any pollen/pollination at all?

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"really infrequent seeds in persimmons"... I have eaten many persimmons with full of seeds... In fact, the sweetest and most flavorful persimmon I have had is the seeded ones.

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Sure, I would expect fully seeded fruits to come about from normal pollination, but it doesn't sound like napapen has a male tree, so it seems plausible that there isn't any pollinator within pollination distance at all. I suppose the other option is that there's a pollinator barely within pollination distance so that a few fruits are getting partially pollinated?

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This is an aside from this topic, but of similar interest. In San Antonio TX I had a neighbor who planted giant sunflower next to his okra plants. He saved the seeds from his okra for the next year. These okra seeds grew okra plants about 15-20 feet tall. I believe that it was due to polination from the giant sunflower.

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