Need help identifying this fruit

ellieb09November 26, 2012

Hi, I was wondering if anyone recognizes this fruit. The tree has been growing in our back yard for somewhere around 50 years. It blooms continuously throughout the year and is a lovely home for honeybees.

I'm interested in identifying the plant because I want to know if its safe to eat. The fruits are hard like a nut, shaped like a kumquat, and have arils like pomegranates.

The tree is 14-16 feet tall and about 12 feet in diameter with a very defined canopy. The trunk isn't very wide (roughly 8-10 inches in diameter).

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Looks like a Pittosporum of some type. Are the flowers fragrant? The hard orange fruits with bright red seeds are a big feature of the species. My first guess would be Pittosporum revolutum but I'm only familiar with the Australian east cost species. Your leaves look a bit different.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Yes,it could be Pittosporum Tobira,Japanese Mock Orange.In that case,the fruits are not edible. Brady

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