Replacing dead trees

iammarcus(6)November 9, 2013

How long should someone wait to replant a similar fruit tree in a spot that held one that died. Does the cause of death have a large bearing on the timing? I assume if disease killed the tree you would wait quite a while before replacing plum with plum or other prunus species. What about those killed by rabbits, dear etc.

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I replant in late winter. Container plant could be planted any time though best to avoid extreme cold or heat, especially if they are not already hardened off.

Rule of thumb for root disease is at least 1 yr. lying fallow OR plant dissimilar species (not from same family) right away. If you know what root pathogen killed it, then plant anything known not to be infected right away. If resistant rootstock known may be best to try it after a year.

For some diseases you may want to haul away and burn all mulch detritus layer surrounding tree. Pathogen and insects are known to overwinter in them. Can get a head start lowering their number. Some pests and diseases may be treatable by treating soil now.

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If killed by rabbit or deer I'd wait just long enough to put in a fence.

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