first time mango tree.

mangoman23November 19, 2013

I everyone and thanks for accepting me into your forum :). Well here we go. I live in south florida and i bought my first mango tree from a nursery, its a glenn its about 4/5 feet tall. Well after putting it in the ground I noticed thats its lower than the ground itself and its not leveled at all! Im worried that this is a problem, I was told to keep the base ground level or even a inch above the ground. Its more like 6 inches lower than the ground in ordee to keep the base exposed if I level it out the base will be covered aswell. Is this ok?? Thank you. Oh and covered the area with mulch.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

No, it's not okay.

Because you just planted it, you can dig it up then re-plant at the correct depth. If you intend to use the same hole. add soil in the bottom, then compact a base for the rootball. Even then, set the tree several inches too high because it *will sink.

Or, digging a new hole, even if alongside the old one, would be better as you can dig to the correct depth while retaining a firm base for the tree.

To help set the tree at the correct depth, use a broom handle or yard stick to measure the height of the rootball and the depth of the hole.

Planting a tad high is always better than planting too deep.

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i have read on a few diffrent websites that when mulching mango trees, not to mulch around the truck base, you much the drip line but soil is best around the base

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