When to pick medlars?

fireweed22November 6, 2013

Any idea when exactly to pick medlars? I know they are brought indoors to blet, but unsure when to pick.
I have a book somewhere that explains it but if course can't find it at the moment.
Thanks for any tips.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

IMO - never ;-) Seriously, though. Mine pretty much blet on the tree. As long as they are full sized, brown in colour, a few have started dropping, they come off easily and give a little when pressed they'll blet after picking. Whether you decide it was worth harvesting them is another matter.
The picture was taken 2nd November 2010. The medlars shown were not yet dropping of their own accord. This year they are in much the same state but the leaves are only just turning.

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Thanks. Well I'm really looking forward to the supposed "spicy applesauce"! I'm ready for my reality check however. Never understood why I bought 3 varieties.
I just picked them, they came off fairly easy, maybe should have waited more time but the weather forecast looks cold and wet.

Interestingly mine have an amazing red fall color while yours seem to go yellow. Any idea which variety you have?
I have royal, giant, and Nottingham I believe.

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It's a fruit that takes a lot of processing to be useful. There are quite a few planted around here in the past 10 years but they remain a novelty--most of the fruit goes unharvested.

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skyjs(z8 OR, USA)

I like them. Easy care. They taste good in my opinion. They seem more like a wild fruit, and therefore probably have more antioxidants and nutrition, in my estimation. You don't get too much fruit off of other trees in November, so I like them.
John S

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

fireweed22 - my medlar is Large Russian. The fruit is the size of a satsuma or tangerine. In a good year the yellow is beautiful and buttery.

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