Izu Persimmon

ellachan(6a)November 6, 2012

Just ordered an Izu persimmon,im just wondering it will survive CT winter climate if plant it on the ground?thanks in advance.

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Izu is consistently reported as being a solid zone 7 persimmon (hardy to at least 0). That means only coastal CT would be a safe bet for it in the ground WITHOUT protection. I'm wondering where in the state you are, and whether you are really a 6a based on the newest zone map. If so, you could still always wrap it in the winter, the way another poster, TonyTran does in his zone 5a. You should definitely check out his recent post about overwintering Asian persimmons.

You're so close to being in a warm enough zone for these persimmons, it would be a shame to grow it in a pot IMO.

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Thanks for the response fab,actually im at 6b looked earlier.guess have to put some protection to it on its first winter or 2nd.Im planning to plant it on the ground.The one i ordered is grafted,how long before it fruit?

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I grow Izu in zone 6b (Maryland)w/o any protection from year one. It does not have any winter dieback. I would give it a try in CT. I used to live in CT (also in 6b) before MD, don't think there is a significant difference in terms of how cold it is in winter. Should be fine w/o protection in my opinion.

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Thanks Olga,feel better now :)..though i wont be getting the plant till spring,ordered it from Burnt Ridges.

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