How do I handle seeds

curtis(5)November 17, 2013

I have some seeds from pawpaw, cherry, peach, and oak acorns. (The cherry and peach are for rootstock, I know they don't grow true)

I have let them sit on the counter since eating the fruit.

I read randomly on the web for acorn is the past and had a low germination rate. So surely it was missing an important detail.

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Drying/dessication can be the death knell for seed embryos in pawpaw seed and acorns. They need cold, moist stratification over winter. If yours have been sitting at room temp/humidity for 4-8 weeks, as I presume, they may no longer be viable.
Best bet will be to soak them for a couple of days, then put 'em to bed in the fridge with some moist peat or sawdust and hope for some to germinate, but don't get your hopes up.
Cherry & peach, I can't help you with - but mmost peach seedlilngs are pretty decent, with regard to fruit quality.

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alan haigh

I stick seed straight into the outdoor soil I want them to grow in- the sooner after eating the fruit the better. Let winter take care of stratification. Keep track of where you put them and the area weeded once they begin to sprout.

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