Nursery says Whitney and Chestnut Crabapple

thisisme(az9b)November 23, 2013

The nursery says I need more chill hours for Whitney and Chestnut Crabapple to fruit here. He said they need 800 chill hours to fruit. Where I live in AZ we usually get 350 or less chill hours.

I want 2-3 good fresh eating crabapples.

I'm really hoping Applenut or someone else with experience with apples and low chill hours will help me out here.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

I hope to add a crabapple too

I was going to call and talk to the people just north of us a couple of hours and see what they recommend.

Maybe you could try them too:

Here is a link that might be useful: Trees of Antiquity

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Kibby I plan on buying a Wickson Crab from ToA. I was going to get a Whitney from them too but did not want to buy a whip.

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I just ordered 'Evereste' because the reviews are greatâ¦but I do not know the chill hours.

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i dont now about crabapples but dorsett golden and anna are 2 types of regualar apple that will thrive in your 350 chill hours, me and a friend have them here in south fl, its my first year but in the past he has done great with them

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I have lived here for many years. I know about low chill fruit trees and low chill apple trees.

Growing up in NorCal I used to eat crabapples on the way to and from school. I would like to have a few crabapple trees simply for the nostalgia. So for the purpose of this discussion I am not interested in none crabapple varieties.

If memory serves Applenut had said for the most part all apples will fruit regardless of chill but may flower and fruit later in the season. At least thats what I think I remember. I consider him to be the resident expert. Before the trees are sold out I wish Applenut or someone who has grown crabs in a low chill environment would chime in. Hopefully before I order these trees and pull the trees in yard to make room for them.

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Well I went ahead and purchased Whitney and Chestnut Crabapple trees from MORSE NURSERY.

I purchased 1 Chestnut Crabapple Three year old Select for $ 31.50 and 1 Whitney Crabapple Two year old tree for $ 19.50. I still have not received an email invoice or conformation. Though $ 115.00 was billed to my card yesterday.

For two trees I guess it comes to $ 51.00 for the trees and $ 64.00 for shipping.

I told the nice man on the other end of the phone that I like large trees. If the trees are large enough to justify the $ 64.00 in shipping I will be very happy.

Has anyone here done business with them before?

Aside from these two trees I have 2 Apricots, 2 Pomegranates and 4 Fig trees on the way from other nurseries.

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