Ogeechee Limes - where to get?

strom(8)November 3, 2009

Hi, I am looking to procure some Ogeechee Lime seeds or trees. Is there anyone out there who knows where to order them? (Of course I don't want to order from Tyty, but they are all I can find on the net)

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I found a place in NY state offering seeds -- pricey, though, $9.00 for a pack of approximately 24.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sheffield's Seeds

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well, that is at least cheaper than buying a tree, even if i could find one! thanks for that link, i really appreciate it.
seems weird that you have to order seeds for a GA swamp plant from NY!

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Well I made the mistake of going through TY TY, BIG MISTAKE!they forget to send the roots! thank god, I was able to baby the Ogeechee Lime enough to survive! but only just barley, everything else died! so in the end I paid over 138.00 for a tree I almost lost! I was not about to put good money over bad to return anything! read the return policy and you soon understand you still are paying for it. Seeds sound like the way to go, and a heck of a lot cheaper than my tree.

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such a shame about that nursery; why are they the only ones offering the ogeechee i wonder...
i read somewhere that the ogeechees don't like to be transplanted, so maybe that's why.
anyhow i'm going to go the seed route. 'mudflapper', if you are interested in selling me some seeds let me know!

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My tree is only three years old, its first year was just trying to get it to survive, year two I got three good leaves in spring, by fall it had grown 6 inches, now it looks like a tree that will grow on its own, if I had seeds, I would give them to you, but I'm gonna buy some so I can have more than one tree.

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