Yamato Hyakume Japanese Persimmon

ichoudhury(7B)November 17, 2013

Anybody tasted the fruit?

I usually research the heck out of a plant before finally settling for it, but made the impulse buy the other day. I bought couple of those tree from an online source. They are the astringent variety. I already have a Fuyu which fruited for me successfully once, but thought grow this astringent variety also. I am running out of room, so I somewhat regretted the decision to buy without thorough research. I much rather get one/two that produce the sweetest fruits. I heard about Coffee Cake, and was considering it until decided to buy this pair.

By the way, they were graft (look to be few years graft as the plants were pretty thick). I planted with lots of Rock Dust, Kelp and Microrihzza inoculant mixxed with homemade chicken compost ;), so hopefully hey will grow and fruit soon.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


I know Scott Smith had a couple varieties of the Hyakume. He can fill you in more of this variety.


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Thanks Tony! I hope I made the right choice. (It's a newly introduced Asian Persimmon, so I was afraid no one here tasted yet).

I hope ScottS can share some of his wisdoms with me :)

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I lost my graft of Yamato Hyakume. I still have Amagaki Hyakume and Koshu Hyakume. The Amagaki fruited, its good, very sweet. They are as sweet as but somewhat less flavorful than Chocolate, a PVNA. Amagaki requires a long season, it barely ripens for me. All the Hyakume are PVNA, they need pollination to taste good. I'm not sure if it will pollinate with what you have. Chocolate produces many male blossoms and pollinates all my persimmons.


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Thank you Scott. Sorry that you lost your graft of the Yamato.

By the way, I purchased two graft of Yamato of same size (So they can pollinate each other) . Do you not think that will work out?

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Scott, does that mean that all of your Asian persimmons have seeds?

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Yamato Hyakume is not really newly introduced. It shows up in Univ. FL data back in 1994. I tasted some Yamato at a field day back in the early 90's but don't recall which one. Curious where did you find it for sale?


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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


You got 2 of the same Yamato persimmons and that will not pollinate each other. As Scott indicated that you may want to buy another one with a male flower and taste good like Chocolate persimmon for cross pollination. I have a small Yamagaki (Mountain persimon-very cold hardy) and this one will also produce fruits and has male flowers. Edible Landscaping used to sell them but they discontinued them a while back.


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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Murky, yes all my persimmons have seeds.

Strudel, it looks like someone on eBay is selling it.

iChoudhury, looking at the eBay listing the seller says it is self pollinating. It could be that it produces flowers like Chocolate and can pollinate itself. Persimmons are not well understood and its hard to find reliable information on pollination. I am pretty sure my Chocolate is pollinating itself for example, but I never read that anywhere.


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I'd plant whatever you want and if it turns out it needs a pollinator and you don't have room graft a Chocolate persimmon scion onto a branch.

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strudeldog , I actually bought mine from Marthassecrets Tropical fruit plant site. I just did some googling and those are the only two source appears to sell this 2-graft combo. I initially thought they sell it in pair for pollination purpose, but now that i hear they may not be the best option, I am a bit disappointed.

A park adjacent to my house has couple of American Persimmon tree (huge) - A squirrel heaven. Looking at those tree, I got my first Fuyu but later wanted an Astringent variety also; thus my impulse purchase. :))

Before long, I know me .. I will end up with a Coffee Cake variety too ...lol

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alexander3_gw(6 Pennsylvania)

I'm confused about these names....I have a variety that is just named 'Hyakume' AFAIK. Are they all siblings or something?

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According to

'Yamato Hyakume' is large, with red skin; has little tannin when seed content is low; tends to growth-ring cracking; is a heavy bearer in Florida.

I think within Hyakume, there are different varieties of persimmons, Yamato Hyakume ,Amagaki Hyakume,Koshu Hyakume and maybe others. I am definitely not an expert (Learned most about it so far from this thread) :).

I like to know more!

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That is actually the same supplier that Scott noted on ebay. They have a website and sell from ebay. Always looking for a new source of different plants.

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You are right :) ... when I went back to eBay and saw that the seller on ebay also Martha's secret, so just two store front :) ...

I have searched and searched, but have not found much more info on this persimmon. According to Purdue

According to http://www.hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/morton/japanese_persimmon.html

"'Hyakume'��"round-oblong to round-oblate, somewhat 4-angled and flat at both ends; 2 3/4 in (7 cm) long, 3 1/8 in (8 cm) wide; skin pale dull-yellow to light-orange, with brown russeting when ripe; flesh dark-brown, crisp, sweet, non-astringent whether hard or ripe. Midseason. Fairly good quality; somewhat unattractive externally. Stores and ships well. "

= Which directly contradict with Martha's Secret (Astringent vs non-astringent)

I guess I will know when I can actually taste the fruit :)

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