Leaves browning and dropping early

yawineyNovember 9, 2013

My Figs, Fuyu/Jiro Persimmon, and Mulberry all browned up about a week ago. Others in the area (mature ones) still either have leaves in the case of the fig, or are turning fall colors in the persimmon case.
My place is low lying and does get a bit colder, but I am hoping this is just because this is their first year. Of the Figs that did fruit, most did not ripen.
This did happen after the first frost.

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It is called Fall. Especially first and second year...they were either reared in greenhouses or someplace different form your climate. Irritating but one hopes they grow out of it.

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Unfortunately your post gives no clue as to your location. Here in summer dry California, those fruits dry farmed are indeed going into early dormancy. This has been the driest year to date in history, and I think that is the reason for the early dormancy. Al

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Thanks to u both. I am in the north Bay area. Sebastopol. And yes, crazy dry but mature figs and perssimons that iv'e seen around here look like more gradual change. Not all brown and losing fruit. Hopefully it's just the combo of them being young and the dryer/colder climate.

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