Suggest a Northern High Bush Blueberry?

lsohNovember 12, 2013

I'm looking for another Northern High Bush Blueberry.

I live in northern Ohio, zone 5. I'm looking for a northern high bush blueberry for fresh eating that ripens between blue crop and aurora. (My blue crop finishes around 8/3. My Aurora hasn't fruited yet but I'm guessing it will start around the beginning of September.) What are your favorites for that time period?


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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I just planted 2 years ago, and it was damaged by my dog. So it is like a new plant as all canes but one were lost. I also moved it last winter. Anyway "Liberty". To Zone 4, developed by MSU. Balanced taste, big berries, heavy producer. I have ripening time between August and Semptember. Up to 8 feet tall. Also survived my dog and transplanting. Growing well with 4 new canes.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

That's probably in the mid-late category.There are the two big berries,Chandler and (Darrow, which I like more).Rubel,kind of small,but with very good flavor.Sierra,I've only had for a short time,but like it so far and the old variety Jersey,which puts out a lot of canes and it's fruit is pretty good too,may ripen a little later than these others but well before Elliot. Brady

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For me in zone 4, jersey starts to ripen as bluerop is in full swing.
good berries, more on the sweet end of the spectrum. strong production and easy to pick open clusters at cane ends

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I planted Liberty because of the old saying "all gardening is local", and it was developed in this state. Ohio is close though! Bluejay was also developed by MSU.
I want to expand my blueberries in a few years and a lot of these mentioned sound great! Thanks all! I also have a Toro which has a good taste, nice plant! Spartan is also an early type that tastes decent. Darrow, Jersey, and the rest mentioned sound good too.

I was also thinking of trying some southern high bush as a couple are hardy to zone 6. Southmoon is one. A few growers I talked to say it's an exceptional tasting blueberry. To help pollinate maybe Sunshine Blue which is about the easiest blueberry to grow. Both can tolerate zone 6.
I would love to try Sweetcrisp, but I would have to protect in winter (zone 7b), so it would have to be grown in a pot, which from reports of texture and taste may well be worth doing. With southmoon and sunshine to help pollinate.

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Thanks for sharing your ideas

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I hope to expand my season starting with earlyblue, reka, olympia, northland, chandler and aurora.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Yeah marcus,that should cover about the whole spectrum. Brady

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