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vinegaroonDecember 21, 2012

Hello and merry Christmas to everyone. This is my first time posting but I have read pretty much every apple thread posted here, and plenty of others even about crops that don't interest me much. I have found many of them entertaining & very informative. The willingness of some of you regular posters to share your experiences is generous and helpful. Now to my situation and questions. I have an order placed for 20 sticks of scion wood from akero to zabergau. All of the apples we have now are on emla111 which seems to me a fine selection, but I would like to have a little diversity. Towards that end I've ordered some antanovka and am considering malus fusca for a wetter site owned by a nephew. Graft compatibility with either is my primary concern. I've read some suggestions that it can be dicey with both but more likely to be a problem with the swamp crab. Anyone? Perhaps my least favorite orchard task is cutting root suckers back all summer long. Has that been anybody's experience with either of these selections?

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I have never heard of any incompatibility with antanovoka, you just have to be willing to work with seedling vigor and timeline to bearing.
not familiar with the swamp crab

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Thank you for the input Rob. I was reading another thread and saw that you made reference to burying the graft on apple trees when planting. If you could elaborate on your experience ,thoughts and observations doing this I would be grateful. I have not tried it but intend to. Tom

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It is a relatively common practice in northern locations where excessive vigor is not as much of a concern, and some of the common rootstocks are marginaly cold hardy. It is a real shame to lose a mature tree to a "test" winter because the rootstock couldn't handle it when the top would have no issue.
It also gets done when you want a more vigorous tree than a nursery may happen to have on hand, you won't get full seedling vigor but a hybrid of the vigor from the dual root systems....or so I was told by Jim Cummins and has played out true for me.
There are some other arguments for it around issues like burrknots and borers, suckering, ect; but they seem more minor concerns/benefits.

For me it has worked out fine. I have a number of trees on seedling roots that are coming along nicely as well as a bunch on various semi-dwarfing stocks, and even one on bud-9.
But again I am in a northern location with a short growing season and I like big full sized trees...and I need trees that get at least above deer browse level.

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