What is wrong with my Mango tree. Please HELP

huhn_oder_eiDecember 11, 2013

my mango tree is dying.
My mother in law looked after them for a while (due to us moving a lot). A couple of weeks back there was a really hot day & the plant leaves started to turn brown on the edges.
Ever since it hasn't quite recovered. I have re-potted it recently (it needed a bigger pot) but still no recovery.
One of my mango trees has died already, with the leaves all wilted, top started to die off & then there was some sort of fungus coming up at the bottom of the tree.

Now I hope I can save this one, but I am all out of ideas.
It was placed inside for a couple of days due to super heavy rainfall, but it is back outside in the full sun.

Please help. Has it some sort of disease? Can I save it?

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Here a close up shot of the leaves

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It looks like it was really fried on that hot day.I'd take it out of the full sun for awhile,not complete shade,kind of dappled light if possible and gradually give more light.
What's the potting mix? Brady

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Hi Brady,
the potting mix is a mixture of compost & premium potting mix. Will try the shade for a while. Thanks

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