neonicinoids, latest controversy

alan haighDecember 18, 2013

I will follow this up with a more convenient link.

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alan haigh

Figure some of you may find this interesting. I'm OK as long as they don't take the pyrethroids off the market.

Here is a link that might be useful: neonicinoid ban

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

What bothers me is stories like this is the fact certain groups just want these off the market. Using neurotoxicity is a gimmick to attack the product. I'm not saying we shouldn't be concerned, but no doubt more evidence is needed, because as of now, what they call evidence, is not as far as I'm concerned. Water will also kill rat cells in culture, so should we ban it? The amount of fake science is astounding! Why does that not surprise me?

I'm all for making sure it is worth using. If not get rid of it, but let's have some real science behind the decision.
I would say the product appears to be dangerous, but let's make sure. What concerns me is the possible problem it may cause in immune systems in bees. More study is needed.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

It's not surprising neonicotinoids can affect brain development. Nicotine (their organic counterpart) has long been know to affect brain development in babies.

The central issue of course is risk/dosage assessment. EFSA claims the the daily acceptable dose should be lowered.

I'm a bit cautious when it comes to accepting European claims about pesticides. They were one of the first to take action against neonicotinoids with bans, claiming the neonics were the cause of CCD in bees. While there is no doubt some neonics are very harmful to bees, the last I read, the European bans had no affect on CCD.

Organophosphates and pyrethroids are also known to affect brain development (see link below). Again it's the dose that is the question.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mosquito repellent in developing brain

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The original link re neonics doesn't work because wrapping from one line to the next inserts a space.

try this one below ---

Here is a link that might be useful: neonic info

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


Your link doesn't work either. Links to the NYT don't always work on GardenWeb. For some reason GW changes or leaves off some of the characters in NYT link.

To read the article, you can find it by Googling, "New York Times - European Agency Warns of Risk to Humans in Pesticides Tied to Bee Deaths"

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