Rooting hardy pomergranate

Biomed(6)December 6, 2012

When is the best time to get hardy pomergranate cuttings and the best technique to root them. Thanks.

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Hardwood cuttings can be taken anytime during dormancy, and are very easy to root by just sticking them into a pot of good sterile media with some kind of cover to retain moisture.

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armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)

Yahoo Group PomWorldwide has a good technique by LeeSharp I'll post below.

I stuck around 13 UC Davis cuttings separated evenly in a largest pot i could, put them in half-shade until they leafed out more, and just separated them in August ... All but 1 rooted btw. I used that 'light' ProMix-B soil mixed 50/50 with 'good black organic soil' can get from anywhere.
You could also cut the cuttings in half if they large like UC Davis cuttings, and do each one in smaller pots. I just didn't have many pots available but a pot for each cutting would be more optimal so dont need to shock the roots separating them (i separated all of them over a few hours with a garden hose so i didn't rip any roots out).
P.S. I did slightly slice 1inch on the cutting on 2 sides on the bottom of cutting and put full strength Dip-n-Grow Rooting Solution as recommended below. Cut just enough so can see green layer below bark, helps roots come out of there i guess:

Method below:
Lee Sharp's rooting method for pomegranates January 2011

Procedure to root pomegranates. Use cuttings 8 or 9 inches long and diameter of a pencil( 1/4 inch) are
recommended but I have been successful with cuttings of the recommended length and 1/8 inch in diameter.
Prepare the site where they are to grow. During September I spray with a grass/weed killing product containing
the ingredient glyphosate such as Round Up. In October or November prepare the holes where cuttings to be
placed/stuck. Use an ordinary post hole digger that will produce a hole approximately 4 inches in diameter
and 7 inches deep which is the size of cutting part of digger.Put the soil removed in a container for later
use. Sift the soil removed from hole thru hardware cloth with a 1/2 inch mesh to remove unwanted things such
as grass or plant roots, rocks, etc. I use a one gallon pot as used to grow plants in as a measuring container.
In a larger container/tub, using measuring container, put one measure of soil removed from hole and one measure
of Perlite then mix thoroughly and fill hole with this mix. In my location we get 60-70 inches of rain/year.
If you are in a dryer area it would probably help to add a measure( 0ne gallon) of peat to the mix. After hole
refilled with mix use the remaining soil to build a ridge about 18 inches from center on hole completely around
it. This is to hold water during subsequent irrigations. If no rain for two weeks once cuttings in place, water
them thoroughly ever 7 days until it rains. Preparing hole with soil mix early will allow soil mix to settle and
more added if necessary prior to placing cuttings.
When cuttings arrive from repository they will be approximately 16-18 inches long and normally 3 cuttings of each
selection ordered. Notice the top of cutting is at an angle and bottom straight across. For the last 2 years
cuttings have arrive here on 18 March. They can be placed in fridge as you would scions until you are ready to
stick them. When ready to stick, cut the cuttings in half and recut the bottom half with an angle at top. You
will need the following to complete the procedure.

1. Rooting hormone, I use Dip-N-Grow.

2. Tool to make hole to place cutting. I use a short length of bamboo slightly larger diameter than cuttings with
a mark 5 inches from one end.

3. Container of water to wash soil in place around cutting after it is in place.

4. Knife

Prepare a place in center of soil mix by sticking tool( bamboo,etc) about 5 inches deep into it. I use a ring of
masking around tool because a mark can be rubbed off. It is important to punch a hole to keep from damaging cutting.
After cutting length adjusted, hole punched and ready to stick cutting, prepare it for rooting hormone by removing
a thin layer of bark on bottom end of cutting on two sides about one inch in length. Do this by placing a knife
blade on cutting about one inch from end and scrape with slight pressure just enough to remove the bark. Just do
not put enough pressure to remove hardwood with the bark. Then apply rooting hormone. If Dip-N-Grow used pour into
container provided in package the entire contents ( 2 Oz). Do not dilute, use full strength. Submerge bottom of
prepared cutting into rooting concentrate not to exceed 5 seconds. I usually count 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004 then
remove cutting. Immediately place cutting into place prepared, use the bamboo tool to move some soil around cutting
while pouring just enough water to wash soil into hole filling it around cutting. Be sure to record what varieties
were placed into each specific place for later interest.
Do not fertilize cuttings when starting them, about 3 months after stuck use a weak solution( 1/2 strength) of a
water soluble fertilize like Miracle Gro to water cuttings. This could be continued every month until September.
No shade for cuttings required. I made a device to hold Dip-N-Grow container so I could sit it down without spilling
since it is a liquid. With someone to help this would not be a concern.

Lee Sharp

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