Calamondin Tree with 2 Identicle Stems?

calamondinDecember 23, 2013

Hello there,
I'm new to the forum and i'm very curious.
i planted the seeds from a calamondin fruit about 18 months back.

After a couple of months of growing, The plant split into 2 stems (like a Y shape).
I few days later i had noticed that both stems had identicle growth... some more days on, Identicle leaf shape, size and orientation appeared.
16 Months on and the 2 stems are still growing Exactly the same (one is an inch higher than the other) but new leaves appear at exactly at the sime time and face the exact same direction etc... Is this a normal thing for plants to do as i've never seen it before?

I planted 2 more seeds from the same fruit. 1 didn't make it past a couple of months and the other has grown in a "random" shape like any other plant i've grown.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


I don't see anything wrong with the seedling as long as the tree is growing healthy. You can prune back to a central leader if you like.


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The tree seems to be growing really well. I was more curious as to if other people have had similar things as i've never seen a plant with 2 identicle stems. the 2 stems look like clones.

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